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Our Services

Starting a New Business

If you feel you really want to go out on your own – our advice is go for it so you will never look back and think “I should have done it “.

We put you in control of your business right from the start by creating a plan for success. Together we look at what you really want for you and your business in the short and long term, giving the best opportunity of achieving those goals.

David M Breen & Co use a step by step approach, helping to create your written plan, with actions, to achieve what you want over the important early years. Our clients are focussed with clear direction and are inspired and motivated to take action.

We can help you in any aspect of starting your new business as follows:

  • Preparing Financial Projections.
  • Obtaining Bank Finance.
  • Deciding on whether to form a Limited Company or not.
  • Registration with the Tax Office.
  • Tax Planning.
  • Any other questions you may have.

Audit & Accountancy

Annual Accounts & Audit
The Process of Annual Compliance is dealt with professionally and at a fair Price.

Management Accounts
David M Breen & Co can either prepare Monthly Accounts or train your staff to do so. Alternatively we can design a report that will generate a Weekly / Monthly trading summary giving you up to date results on how your business is performing.

Business Advice

Banking Facilities
Despite what you hear, the Banks are lending in certain circumstances. David M. Breen & Co evaluates your opportunities and applies for the best financial package for your Business

Grant Application
We have recently worked with Clients and obtained approval for significant Grants. David M. Breen & Co submit the application and apply for the Grant on your behalf

Voluntary Liquidations

Tax Planning
Avail of Loss Relief for three Years on the Cessation of a Business and obtain a Tax Refund

Winding Down a Business
We will discuss the best cost efficient methods of Winding down a Business whether it is Management of Losses or the Shelter of Profits from Taxation.

in the alternative, opt for a simple but formal strike off the CRO register.


How to Reduce your Tax Bill
We provide advice from ensuring all your Credits are claimed to the more complicated as to how / why to Invest in BES Schemes / Film Relief Schemes and Pensions, maximising all available Tax Release.

Personal Tax Computations
Each time your Tax Computations are prepared, we review to ensure that all the best steps are being taken.

Inheritance Tax Planning
As well as making a Will, it is essential that same be reviewed to minimise / avoid Capital Acquistions Tax . Consider also availing of the Annual Gift exemption of �3,000.

Capital Gains Tax
You are liable to Capital Gains Tax on disposal of assets. TIP � make a clear record of any losses which Shelter gains in the Future.

Corporation Tax
Avail of the New Corporation Tax Exemption � no Corporation Tax for three Years for new Businesses. ( subject to limits & conditions )

R&D Tax Credits
Apply for Tax Credit for Research and Development Expenditure � this allows Credit against not only Corporation Tax but extends to PAYE and PRSI.