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Brophy Gillespie

Ireland’s leading Accounting Technician body introduces an innovative path to professional accountancy.

Our Firm of Chartered Accountants

Our Business Philosophy

Brophy Gillespie’s business philosophy is to provide comprehensive professional services to clients in a timely and efficient manner, while at the same time maintaining friendly and accessible personal contact. Our partners and staff are fully committed to, and recognise the importance of, client confidentiality, attention to detail and excellent client service.

Client Profile and Services

Brophy Gillespie offers a full range of routine audit, insolvency, accounting, taxation, financial services, corporate finance and administration services for clients in a variety of sectors.

Our firm is also engaged in a number of technical disciplines and consultancy work for clients in the following sectors:

Brophy Gillespie also regularly provides technical support to other accounting firms and solicitors’ practices in relation to tax, auditing and accounting issues.