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Earn as you learn on an innovative and practical route to a career in accountancy


This is a practical route into a practical career through a two-year, fully funded programme. Employers from all sectors are offering ‘earn as you learn’ contracts in accountancy. Participants can put their learning into practice every day, with mentorship in the office and the classroom. They’ll graduate with our in-demand Accounting Technician qualification, two years’ solid work experience and excellent career prospects in Accountancy & Finance.

The Accounting Technician Praktikum has given me the opportunity to receive a recognised qualification while also gaining invaluable experience in an accounting role. The opportunity to apply the skills I learn in college in my workplace almost immediately has reinforced my learning experience. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about getting in to accounts to strongly consider this excellent programme.

Patrick Dixon, Mature Learner, Grant Thornton & Bray Institute of Further Education

BIFE Grant Thornton

I decided to apply for the Accounting Technician Praktikum after first spending a year in college. I just found that I would prefer to be out getting hands-on experience in the workforce and the programme gave me a fantastic opportunity to do just that. I would highly recommend the course to any student as an excellent route into the industry, as you are gaining on-the-job experience on top of the knowledge received from the lectures.

Noirin McMahon, EY & Cork College of Commerce

Cork EY


We are holding a series of Open Days for employers, applicants and guidance counsellors nationwide. Check here for details of the dates.

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This programme is perfect for school-leavers and mature learners who prefer practical training to full-time academic study.

College is not for everyone – some students thrive in an environment where they are putting learning into practice every day.

This earn-as-you-learn programme give you a chance to jump straight into a new job in a new workplace, where you get paid at least €17,797.

If this sounds like the programme for you, read on!

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Accounting Technicians now form an integral part of the finance function in organisations of all kinds and sizes. Demand for Accounting Technicians’ skills has surged in recent years, due to the strength and versatility of our qualification.

The Accounting Technician Praktikum is a practical, fully funded route to accountancy, where participants earn while they learn. The programme gives budding accountants the chance to work in industry, practice or the public sector, from September 2017.

It is designed to give employers in industry, practice and the public sector a strong recruitment option for their Accountancy & Finance needs.

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This website contains comprehensive information for applicants including:

>The recruitment process

>Application advice

>Steps to submitting your application

>The application form

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Read on to learn more about Accounting Technicians Ireland, our ethos and how our qualification will help you progress your career in accountancy.

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The Accounting Technician Praktikum will be delivered through five colleges in Ireland.

Please select the college near you for further information.